ON-SNOW : UK 2hr Session


Targeted potent private snowboard coaching day in Hemel Hempstead, UK to develop your riding, improve technique, refine old skills or learn new skills, work on a shifting a stubborn specific movement patterns, refresh your muscle memory or prepare for your BASI Instructor exams.

Duration : 2 hours

Improve beyond expectation with targeted private coaching days for individuals or small groups of all ages and abilities.   Delivered in Hemel Hempstead in the UK, an excellent training facility to develop your riding, improve your skills, refresh your muscle memory, work on a shifting a stubborn specific movement patterns or biomechanics.  Whether you’re considering becoming an instructor, already an instructor, you just want to learn a new sport or ride with like-minded people in the UK, these courses are for you.

Sessions are bespoke and completely customised just for you with all your requirements discussed to create a flexible action plan and theme of the session.  Your coaching is progressive and outcome based; meaning, we set tasks based on the discussed outcome we wish to achieve, and you will be able to develop at your own pace, building from one task to the next.  You’re involved in the decision making process for session design, which helps you have more control over your learning journey so you can become more independent and self reliant as a rider.

UK Indoor day coaching is 5 hours coaching time with 2 x 2 hour on snow sessions, lunch break and 1 hour off snow coaching to cover video analysis/feedback and theory clarity session.

You’ll receive your own personal action plan MP3 at the end of each session, together with MP4 video of your riding.

To master the art of snowboarding and achieve long term development, it truly is beneficial to practice consistent riding with regulated coaching for good muscle memory, quality movement patterns for a gradual & progressive learning curve.

Join me in Hemel Hempstead to consistently improve beyond expectation.

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