1 to 1 life MENTORSHIP

You have the ability to go beyond!

Embark on your journey of self exploration  to discover the TRUE YOU and unveil your best self.  Would you like to:

⏀  learn how to feel in control of your life and find the balance you need to succeed?

⏀  have your own personal strategies, tools and self help techniques ‘on demand’ to integrate into your day (at your time of need) to improve productivity, relationships and develop emotional  stability?

⏀  receive targeted support with custom designed coaching which will help you find peace and the freedom to finally feel safe, happy, motivated and energised.

In mentorship, you will be guided every step of the way so you know how to  ‘win at life’, become self sufficient and develop strong, stable life foundations.

Ready for a call?

Take advantage of a FREE 20 minute Instructor Career Assessment call. Together we’ll create a roadmap to navigate beyond your current position.  If we agree Mentorship is right, you’ll receive £50 off.






Do you find yourself thinking?

⏀  Why do I keep doing that?  Or, why does this keep happening to me?

⏀  No matter what I do, something blocks me, I just cant seem to get past this. 

⏀  I don’t know how can I get to where I want to be. I try different things, but I’m not changing fast enough or making lasting changes.  I struggle to stick to new habits.

⏀  I’m overwhelmed, there’s so much info out there, I don’t know what is right or wrong for me, or where to start.  

⏀  Or, I feel pretty confident in some areas of my life, but other areas are a complete mess. 


It’s a minefield out there.  I felt exactly the same when I started my healing journey 15 years ago.  I desperately wanted clarity, precision, customised strategies. I needed more personalised detail, more accurate specific support. 

I realised if I wanted to succeed, I had to figure out what was missing and fill those gaps. So I development my own  strategy to highlight all the important life areas and work out all the intricate details of what I needed, the worked out the fastest way to get there.

I know you are here to make a rapid change to your lifestyle, to improve your relationships, career, physical/emotional/mental health, finances, to gain knowledge so you can catapult forward and  express yourself in a way that easily attracts your new elevated dream lifestyle. 

You're going to receive



BESPOKE 1 to 1

Monthly 75 min 📞  coaching calls to educate & elevate.  

• Monthly “actionable” (at home) plan, steps / tasks  to facilitate learning, healing and self connection.

Motivational MP3 recordings to solidify understanding.  

Accountability  to stay ‘on track’.


Is life mentorship for YOU?

This MENTORSHIP program is for people who

 are ready to break through from the patterns keeping them stuck; 

⏀  seek freedom, who want to finally feel safe and find peace;  

⏀  want to feel a sense of control of their lives, find balance, stability, structure and direction; 

 crave the emotional security to trust themselves, their choices and behaviours;  

⏀  dream of healthy connections in love and family relationships; and

⏀  are ready to do the work to facilitate change. 


This program has been designed for those who are destined to fast track.  For those that are full of gifts & talents, that are sensitive, those that feel deeply, and know they want to hone their skills to rapidly become lighter and live a more rich life with purpose.  This program is for those who want to be individually tutored and guided through their own personal process, to overcome the self defence mechanism that have stopped learning and stunted growth.  Its for those who want to break free from restrictive behaviours and patterns that don’t serve them any more.  Mentorship can help you to be checked along the way, break through boundaries, minimising wasted times of uncertainty, always empowering your own inner light. 

Topics I discuss



VISION Mapping


SPIRITUAL Connection


FAMILY Connection



TIME Mangement


FINANCIAL Management

CAREER Development

TIME Management


Invest in your highest self

THANK YOU for choosing the “1 to 1 LIFE Mentorship” package.

I consider it a privilege to work closely with you.

Upon payment, 

you will receive a booking confirmation email 

and details of how to schedule your sessions. 

Please note…  I open up a limited number of spaces for people to work 1:1 with me in this way at any one time. 

Courses delivered by RENELLE MORTIMER, BASI Snowboard Instructor Trainer/Examiner & Evaluator since 2006 + BASI Adaptive Snowboard Trainer with 23 years experience teaching / coaching / mentoring. Based in Tignes, France during the European winter, Renelle frequently travels worldwide coaching / examining Instructors, supporting Adaptive athletes / consulting on BASI Snowboard Product Development / consulting and speaking on equality, diversity & inclusion in Snowsports. Known for creating rapid transformation with her unique holistic approach, accurate in-depth technical knowledge and detailed, clear delivery skills, Renelle is a unique, a World Class Elite International Coach.

“Everyone was born to be extraordinary”

Renelle Mortimer



I believe coaching should ooze passion, be inspiring, emanate professionalism and empower the learner with tools  to teach themself.  I go the extra mile, providing clear detailed accurate information and I’m never afraid to be totally honest. I do whatever it takes to hold a space for you to break through. I sincerely want you to succeed, not only in your life, but in your business and relationships too. Deep to my core I’m dedicated to uphold  quality, integrity and  professionalism, and elevate it beyond where its ever been before.   My passion is teaching.  I want to share my knowledge, expertise & wisdom to pass on everything my experience has taught me. Let me help you elevate your life.


What people say...

I already feel more confident, calm and positive after the first 2 enlightening and informative coaching calls. I have a stronger understanding of my patterns, emotional triggers and why I struggle in relationships with my anger. Renelle has an uncanny ability to connect in a open, compassionate manner and establish a high level of trust immediately. Renelle's depth of knowledge is simply incredible, the tools she provided has already improved my confidence and changed my behaviour. I'm learning so quickly, my life has noticeable changes already.
Snowboarder & mountain lover
My life has always been a disorganised, emotional mess, jumping from one external thing to the next, never really getting anywhere or finding any satisfaction. Renelle has taught me how understand myself, how to connect. I'm learning how to use my own natural internal compass to guide me, developing a newfound trust in myself. I'm learning how manage my emotions and parent myself which has a positive impact on my relationships, given me strength, confidence and resilience. This program is a no brainer, It's been a game changer for me!
basi level 2 Snowboard Instructor

optional 1:1 ABSENTEE

energy healing

Energy healing  complements  your physical mentor program by supporting your spiritual assention.  A Fundamentals and Advanced Transference Healing® will facilitate a alchemical change activated from within, to support you to integrate light and move forward with ease.  It will initiate profound shifts for you, activating an alchemical healing response in your physical & etheric body, de-coding DNA so that you can manifest your new anatomy, AND will help you to integrate more of your higher self – the consciousness that resonates through from the lightbody.   Receiving these earth & cosmic frequencies will raise your consciousness, lift your vibration and open your heart.  A beautiful energy comes through for you and you will feel light in your body mind & soul. 

The more you are motivated by LOVE, the more fearless and free your actions will be.”

        dalai lama

you got this!

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