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Learn from anywhere in the world with virtual theory, tech & teach courses. 

Receive targeted coaching  designed to prepare you for your BASI level 1 exam by understanding the BASI course content & principals. 

Two ONLINE courses available, the 1st course covers the BASI TECH Theory & Teach Principals with the foundational ‘essentials’, the 2nd course is a BASI Rider Development Course which provides the tools to support Performance Analysis and Performance Development.  

Learn before you ride and save valuable ON-SNOW time with informative, structured, technical Instructor Development courses.

Your BASI Level 1 course will be much easier, your ON-SNOW training time more successful and your teaching more potent.  

did you know?

You are assessed on 3 areas in BASI...



Looking to up your game?

So, you’ve decided you want to become a Snowboard Instructor, you love snowboarding and you’re dedicated to riding well. You dream of killing it as a rider, on the snow, in the park and as a teacher.  You get excited by the idea of changing your life; you know you want to be an Instructor but you’re unsure how to make that happen… 

imagine feeling 100% certain that you’re ready to make that move now, filled with confidence to work alongside other instructors, and have total self-reliance with your students.

Who are these courses are for?

⏀  Anyone who wants to familiarise them self with the BASI Level 1 course content and principals prior to sitting the course.  

⏀  Anyone curious about the BASI system. 

⏀  Instructors who have been given an exemption from BASI Level 1 or have a had long break after last sitting the Level 1 exam. 

⏀  BASI Level 2 Snowboard Instructors who want to refresh their knowledge and gain new insight.

What you'll learn

⏀  familiarise yourself with the content you’ll be tested on in a BASI Level 1 Exam

⏀  understand the assessment criteria and scoring system on a BASI level 1 relating to the PIA’s (Performance Indicator Analysis).

⏀  how to create custom ‘Tech & Teach profile charts’ so you know what fix, how to do it, when to fix it and in what order. 

and; for Beyond the Central Theme, I’ll share….

⏀  my personal ‘Performance Analysis system’ & analyse real riders

⏀  my ‘teaching formulas’ I use in any situation 

You’ll know exactly when the right time is to book on your next level course, ready to take on the BASI Level 1 exam! 

After this course you'll have...

⏀  a clear pathway or roadmap to your longterm goals with clarity on your next steps 

– by knowing your requirements to pass your next level.

⏀  a strong technical knowledge to know how to achieve a higher technical riding level 

– by understanding the theory behind it. 

⏀  confidence as a teacher to prepare, construct and deliver lessons ‘Beyond the Central Theme‘ – full of self assurance.

BASI Trainers know exactly what you'll be assessed on.

Course details

Get ready to ride & teach

Course No. 1
The 'essentials'

BASI Lv1 TECH & TEACH Theory Course

The TECH Theory & TEACH Principals course  introduces and explains the all the information introduced at Level 1 stage, focusing on the riding fundamental theory, the tasks and steps to teach a complete beginner up to basic turn stage.  Also covers the ‘theory of the turn’ technique Beyond the Central Theme for each of the relevant strands; the theory behind the higher level riding and how to easily construct successful teaching sessions in the Central Theme to meet the BASI Teaching PIA’s (Performance Indicator Analysis) to the required BASI Level 1 Standard.




IMPORTANT NOTE:  You will be introduced to the ‘language of snowboarding’ including a framework to de-construct riding, analysing and teaching.  Prepare yourself, you may become addicted. 

Course No. 2
The 'tools'

RIDER Development course

Rider Analysis & Performance development course arms you with the essential tools and framework to accurately analyse a rider’s performance so you can fix your own riding and others.  Together with a structure to help you design and deliver potent teaching sessions on all the tasks within and Beyond the Central Theme relating to the BASI Level 1 Assessment Criteria. I’ll reveal key teaching points, common faults, and how to make a progression out of anything.  I’ll share my ‘rider development’ formulas and strategies that I use to match the riders performance to the BASI Level 1 PIA’s (Performance Indicator Analysis).





What you'll get

ONLINE BASI LEVEL 1 prep course




at home


detailed sessions


8 hrs/

Course No. 1
The 'essentials'

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£ 111

Course No. 2
The 'tools'

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£ 111

No. 1 + No. 2

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£ 222


Want more?

ON-SNOW Training + SHADOWING hours


Join my customised performance course to gain practical experience ON-SNOW riding the BASI level 1 assessment tasks; receive targeted coaching for performance development & practical experience teaching your peers the Central Theme & Beyond.

Level 1 Bundle

Go for gold and take the the hassle out of your professional development by choosing my comprehensive training program + shadowing hour bundle which includes all ONLINE coaching, ON-SNOW performance training and completion of SHADOWING hours.   

Courses delivered by RENELLE MORTIMER, BASI Snowboard Instructor Trainer/Examiner & Evaluator since 2006 + BASI Adaptive Snowboard Trainer with 23 years teaching experience. Based in Tignes, France during the European winter, Renelle frequently travels worldwide coaching & examining Instructors. Known for creating rapid transformation with her unique holistic approach, accurate in-depth technical knowledge and detailed, clear delivery skills, Renelle is a unique Elite Snowboard Coach.

“Everyone was born to be extraordinary”

Renelle Mortimer


What people say?

Renelle is probably one of the most amazing instructors I have every met! She is passionate, driven and joyful all in one. She has made me feel confident not only as an adaptive instructor (second discipline) but as a rider overall. The techniques and methods she uses will be stuck in my mind for as long as I teach. She is the main reason why I am switching back over to BASI to be the best Instructor I can be.
Max Alcock
Basi level 3 aspirant
I took a BASI course with Renelle in 2018 and found her teaching style and character to be utterly inspiring. I was was lucky enough to train with her in 2019 for Level 3 prep. Her passion for teaching is so unique and her ability to sense out and refine movements within my snowboarding is incredible. She has a truly special eye for snowboarding and delivers her lesson with constructive feedback, non stop fun and elevated energy.
Niamph Florence
basi level 3 aspirant

optional 1:1 WITH Me


I believe coaching should ooze passion, be inspiring, emanate professionalism and empower the student to teach themself. go the extra mile, providing clear detailed accurate information and I’m never afraid to be totally honest. I do whatever it takes to hold a space for you to break through. I sincerely want you to succeed, not only in your riding & teaching, but in your business too. Deep to my core I’m dedicated to uphold the quality of our profession, and elevate it beyond where its ever been before.   My passion is riding & snowboard teaching.  I want to share my knowledge, expertise & wisdom to pass on everything snowboarding has taught me, not only on the mountain but off hill too. Let me help you become an Elite Snowboard Coach.

14 years BASI examiner experience, coaching at a national level with this lot has been rad.”

renelle mortimer

Want to go private

Private Bespoke On demand sessions are also available to support your learning.