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Adaptive Para snowboarding

Focusing on your ability not your disability; I work with what you CAN do, by adapting my teaching techniques, styles and equipment to find a solution unique to each persons needs.

Learning snowboarding is all about solving problems, and adaptive snowboarding is no different… just the problems to solve are a little bigger.  There’s always lots of laughs, and I will admit to scratching my head at times on the road to finding sustainable, safe solutions for progressive improvement and performance development.

Every minute is customised for you!


What's on offer...

Catering for people with physical disabilities, medical conditions, hearing and visual impairments, and learning or behavioural challenges; snowboarding is possible for everyone to experience mountain healing.

I offer 1:1 private coaching sessions for Adaptive Snowboarders in Tignes, France and long term coaching for athletes.  Also, online sessions pre snowboarding to familiarise you with the concepts, educate by covering some of the theory and manage expectations to reduce risk of surprises.

Lesson durations are individual to personal requirements, depending on your condition and current fitness levels.  Individual needs will be assessed prior to arrival to ensure that the equipment is appropriate.  Specific snowboard Adaptive equipment can be supplied.  

All sessions are pre-planned, although sometimes things don’t go to plan, always are safe and enjoyable. Every session is remarkable and a memorable experience for both student and myself.

For every BODY!


ride with me

You'll be in safe hands

I hold a very special place in my heart for Adaptive Snowboarding. In addition to my professional specialist adaptive snowboard instructor training, I utilise my empathic and intuitive gifts to connect in a unique way, so your individuality is understood and we can move forward with minimal frustration and maximum flexibility.   

I am a current BASI Adaptive Snowboard Instructor Trainer/Examiner, a National Level Coach awarded to BASI’s highest level coaches after invitation and rigorous selection process.  I’m the only female BASI Adaptive Instructor Trainer who examines other Instructors learning to teach.











Prefer to be prepared in advance?  Or enjoy a deep understanding of THEORY before the lesson? Now you can learn in a relaxed and open environment from the comfort of your own home.  Delivered online with access to a private learning virtual portal.    

Having prior knowledge promotes more stress free riding sessions on snow.

The more you are motivated by LOVE, the more fearless and free your actions will be.”

        dalai lama

Want to go further?

Join my Mentorship program for year round motivation, health and personal development driven by the love of snowboarding.  Live in the light.  


What people say?

My husband was previously a skier but following two strokes and a compressed spinal chord due to an accident he was unable to continue skiing. Renelle came highly recommend to us who had specialty in disabilities. She took time to understand my husbands disability and ability, she worked tirelessly and patiently with him slowly to build his confidence. I cannot recommend her enough to instruct both able bodied and disabled people, young and old. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my husband the confidence to do it.
M. Bartle
converted snowboarder
I have been snowboarding for 17 years, with instruction every year, and this is the first time that it has all made sense! Renelle is an amazing instructor. She worked on every aspect with me and game me lots to focus on for my days off from instruction so I could practice. Totally fabulous from a person with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hyper mobility syndrome).

L. A. Morgan
snowboard lover

Coaching delivered by RENELLE MORTIMER, BASI Snowboard Instructor Trainer/Examiner & Evaluator since 2006 + BASI Adaptive Snowboard Trainer with 23 years teaching experience. Based in Tignes, France during the European winter, Renelle frequently travels worldwide coaching & examining Instructors. Known for creating rapid transformation with her unique holistic approach, accurate in-depth technical knowledge and detailed, clear delivery skills, Renelle is a unique Elite Snowboard Coach.

“Everyone was born to be extraordinary”

Renelle Mortimer